The New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden is an iconic living museum, a major educational institution, and a renowned plant research and conservation organization. Founded in 1891 and now a National Historic Landmark, it is one of the greatest botanical gardens in the world and the largest in any city in the United States. It is distinguished by the beauty of its diverse landscape and extensive collections and gardens supporting over one million living plants. In the heart of the Bronx, it is truly an oasis.

Opening To Life and Magic

Dale Chihuly is an American artist who has mastered the translucent and transparent qualities of ice, water, glass and neon, to create works of art that transform the everyday experience. He is globally renowned for his ambitious site specific installations in public spaces as well as exhibitions presented in museums and gardens worldwide. From April 22nd through October 29th, CHIHULY, an exhibition at the NYBG spotlights this artist’s bold innovations. The Garden’s dramatic vistas become living canvases for work created specifically for NYBG and it showcases signature organic shapes and brilliant colors.

Sapphire Star

The Garden is also a major educational institution, teaching more than 300,000 people annually – among them, school children, teachers, and Bronx families – about plant science, ecology and healthful eating through its hands-on, curriculum based programing. Inspired by the works in the CHIHULY exhibit, children in grades K-12 from all over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut entered poems into the NYBG Poetry Contest that was developed in partnership with Poetry Society of America. The winning poems are displayed alongside Chihuly’s sculptures.

Sparkle Rock

The spikes sparkle in the way of the sun
The spikes sparkle on the logs
The logs are in the way of the water
The water is calm
The rocks might wobble
Ducks come in and quack
Let’s all shout – water!

Author: Ryan Corey, 1st grade, Setauket Elementary School

Float Boat
Beautiful Coexistence
Blue Herons
Sol del Citron

This past Tuesday, the sun was far behind clouds, the rain did some misting and some pouring…but light has so many moods and textures that it presents to a photographer. On this day, the colors were deep and rich. The exhibit is infused with a magical energy, showcasing the dynamic and poetic interplay of art, light, form and reflection. After sunset, the atmosphere takes on a heightened drama and luminous quality of Chihuly’s colors and forms when it is lit under the evening sky. There is also an evening jazz summer concert series. For the first time, Grand Hyatt New York, Metro North, and the New York Botanical Garden are partnering to provide visitors with a seamless trip to the Garden. This exclusive package offers a discounted rate if you use the code NYBG at the time of booking at the Grand Hyatt, admission to the Garden, shopping and dining discounts at NYBG and round trip tickets on Metro North. The end of summer is drawing near but walking through a beautiful garden in any type of weather, during any season enlivens the senses and calms the soul. AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Mystical Magical Colors
Dancing Interplay

The International Beauty Show, NYC

IBS, 2014

IBS, 2014

IBS, 2014

IBS, 2014


IBS, 2014


One week, I am perusing travel brochures from the NYTimes Travel Show and the next week, I am back up I95 to capture all that is new in the beauty and spa industry.  Tyra Banks said, “I love the confidence that makeup gives me.”  Roberta Gately said, “Lipstick is really magical.  It holds more than a waxy bit of color – it holds the promise of a brilliant smile, a brilliant day, both literally and figuratively.” I would say that thousands would agree with her.  After only two hours, it was a very tight squeeze to see all the latest and best from beauty insiders definitely breaking the 61,000 attendance in 2013. With over 500 exhibitors , IBS  is the longest running, professionals only beauty show in the nation.  The International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference is the largest spa show in he Northeast and provides a complete spa business-building event for the thousands of spa and medical spa industry professionals who attend.  Some of the notable exhibitors included: Redken, Sassoon Academy, Essie, La Brasilliana, Farouk, Pibbs Industry, Brazilian Blowout,  Eve Pearl, Clarisonic, Hydrafacial MD, Farm House Fresh.  The hair trends for 2014 seem to be the unrefined, slightly disheveled looks that showcase natural textures.  Women were having their hair cut into the popular waif-like shapes, going from locks to ponytails with casual looks emphasizing understated elegance.  Modern romance still reigns with braids and sweptback chignons adorned with flowers.  Hair hues run the gamut from vibrant reds (thank heaven I am still current!) to bold platinum blonds and the ombre trend has transitioned to one where the color is placed higher up. Thousands of products were on display, from protecttive UV blocking hand guards for gel manicures to formaldehyde-free keratin treatments, oils from India and South American rainforests replenishing moisture in hair, styling tools, body wraps,  and many green and organic products. Eminence Organic Skin Care introduced its Artic Berry Peel and Peptide Illuminating system while Etienne Raff Paris  introduced products which are a combination of scientifically proven peptides with natural, non-traditional ingredients such as Dragon’s Blood extract, honey , Royal Jelly and Mimosa Tree extract. Technology has it’s place from lasers to a new app called “Go Panache Look-Book-Go” which allows the consumer to book an appointment on line and be able to locate their favorite professional if they happen to move to another location.  As I sit here writing, my ankle is wrapped in a Tourmaline Nano-Tech Auto Heating Wrap which creates a great deal of heat and promotes better blood circulation and detoxification.  It feels better already and the people selling this were just the nicest around!

I have had the great fortune of photographing the very poor and the very rich, presidents, popes and orphans, those who live on communes and share their clothes rather than buy new ones,  those who thread flowers for adornment and those who paint henna on their hands and feet in such exquisite designs.  I have photographed people who pray in temples, mosques, and churches. Life,  beauty  and cultural norms are so multifaceted.  It is like looking through a kaleidescope and constantly turning it to see the new patterns of light/darkness and color, each unique and a true reality for some while totally out of the norm for others.  For over 60,000 last weekend, NYC provided the professionals, products and proposals for beauty and wellness.  Definitely an interesting mix of light, darkness and color!