New York Times Travel Show, 2019

Last week, over 32,000 travel lovers poured into the Jacob Javits Convention Center. It was heaven on earth for me! In one location there were over 600 exhibitors, over 10,000 travel professionals all making up North America’s Largest Travel Show and Trade Conference. When there is this many people together with the shared excitement and passion for travel, the energy truly is like baptismal water, washing away winter doldrums as a new life of adventure rushes in. The press pass I am given each year is coveted as I get to wander through aisle after aisle, continent by continent. First up, meet up with good friends – Mr. Prebuddha Jaysinghe from Sri Lanka . He arranged the most wonderful trip for me and I always look forward to catching up with him here and always expressing my thanks to him.

The Master of Sri Lanka

Then it was time to truly explore and begin to learn about all things travel. The Travel Pirates ,  are a group I had not seen before. They offer great prices combined with quite the variety of experiences. The Antarctic is on my go to list and Oceanwide Expeditions are the pioneers of polar travel! Teppy can be a new travel companion providing a pocket sized Wi-Fi hotspot that keeps you connected to the internet in over 100 countries and in-flight Wi-Fi. I had to tear myself away from The Trans-Siberian Train experts and the guides speaking of the 12 epic road trips in California. One lifetime just isn’t enough!

A License I Want!
Who Wouldn’t Be Smiling!

Down the escalator to a world of learning the inside tracks and the latest and the best. Why not start with the best, Pauline Frommer. Her recommendations for 2019 are the following: (1) Collioure, France, a tiny Mediterranean sea town so far undiscovered by foreign travelers. Visit before the rest of the world discovers its charms. (2) New York State in 2019 is a banner year for the wide-ranging, head spinning diversity. (3) Singapore with its sweeping shots of the world’s largets rooftop infinity pool and 160 foot supertrees planted with vertical gardens inspiring people to visit this futuristic hotspot. (4) Bulgaria has long been at the crossroads of civilizations. Plovdiv is one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities and this year, it is designated as one of two European Capitals of Culture.

Ms Frommer also spoke of changing trends:

-If one visits Japan, if the tourist has a tattoo, they will not be able to go into the famous baths. Japan has become a very popular place to explore.

– Due to the huge spike in Chinese Tourism, January and February have become popular months to travel in due to the Chinese New Year and the Golden Week.

-Food experiences and getting to know the locals are now the type of experiences people are planning. Country Walkers and the Traveling where you can book a private meal or a cooking class with the best home cooks around the world.
has branched out in order to take guests to local places and have the best local experiences. Untours, a favorite travel company of mine has been setting up travelers with locals for years before Airbnb and will provide a person on the ground to suggest but not overwhelm.

Fall and Flannel in Vermont

Short Term Work to Travel:

The Beautiful Colors of Culture

Timing is Everything:

  • Book on a Sunday (17% savings). Don’t book on a Friday (price up 12%).
  • February is the least expensive for international flights while December is the most expensive month.
  • September is the least expensive for domestic flights; June is the most expensive.
  • 2 Sites for the BEST airfares: Momondo and

Home Exchanges:

Best Car Rental:

  • was the only one listed since there hasn’t been any other found that is better

Best Price for hotels:

The New York Times is definitely the best spot for all things travel. There is so much more information that I will pass along later after I sift through all the colorful brochures. For now, I would encourage anyone with a yearning for travel to watch for the 2020 dates! It will definitely not disappoint!

Also, if anyone is interested in seeing the vibrancy, the rich cultural blend of Arab, Berber, European and African influences and fascinating heritage of Morocco…check out our photographic trip … the more the merrier!

The New York Times Travel Show, 2014



Dance in China

Dance in China

Joseph Rosendo

Joseph Rosendo

Guide Please

Guide Please

Malaysian Welcome

Malaysian Welcome


Have I mentioned lately how much I love what I do?  ‘Tis the time of year when I received one of my most coveted press passes…a pass that leads to planes, trains and automobiles (river boats and luxury cruise ships) as well as every continent on earth.  The New York Times Travel Show consistently satiates my wanderlust!  It is a three day feast with photography of the most beautiful sites on earth, music, art, dance, cuisine and some of the best travel adventures offered at discounted prices.

Walking through the exhibit floor, I tasted bubble tea, learned how to salsa with Danza Fiesta, heard the spiritual sounds of the Himalayas from Sonam Adventures and received a sample of a new product, “LiveLeaf Traveler Protect and LiveLeaf Traveler Rescue” which provides “fast, natural relief from digestive distress”. Christmas came early! Seriously though, this company has also developed a program called “Lifedrops” dedicated to saving children’s lives by reducing the burden of diarrhea in developing third world countries and have very interesting technology behind their products. I will let you know if it is yea or nay on my upcoming trip abroad.

Some people speed date, I speed travel! Delving into  intimate details,  one exhibit to the next, I gathered every brochure, postcard and pen in site.  This time around, the Asian continent won my heart.  I want to walk (and dance) along the Great Wall of China, photograph the world’s oldest and most historically important trade routes known as The Silk Road and not just watch the wonderful PBS documentary entitled, “In the Footsteps of Marco Polo”.  I want to explore Malaysia with a video camera showcasing  their healthcare and be one of the many tourists now allowed into Myanmar.  If exotic and far off places are calling to you but a fear to explore on your own is holding you back or if you realized that some of the most memorable moments of travel are when one goes off the beaten path with the locals then Tours by  should be your next click on Google!

Armed with the maps and collages of my dreams, I then spent the afternoon in the travel seminars taking in the sage advice of experts in the travel field.  The Frommer’s revealed their top destinations for 2014.  Joseph Rosendo, award-winning travel journalist and Emmy-winning director, had an eloquence that wove together philosophy, mysticism, reality and a La Joie de Vivre! Joseph captured the soul of many beautiful places around the world. Having been in India, I sat in full agreement with him when he described this land in the following way: “India is waiting to grab you with its color and humanity. It shakes you up and delivers gifts. It is a constant invitation to live with joyous , unexpected life changing experiences around every bend.” Andrew Evans , National Geographic’s Digital Nomad,  detoured from the common held creation of a “bucket list” but rather suggested that, “Travel shouldn’t be a list we are working through but rather it should be a constant surprise!” “Spontaneous moments occur when we put ourselves out there and let things happen!”  He spent 300 days on the road last year and had amazing stories about moments…still, adventurous, scary and beautiful.  These moments are creating a life so well lived.

Mr. Rosendo began his talk with something I will use to end this piece.  “If one advances confidently in the direction of one’s dreams, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” (Thoreau).  The New York Times Travel Show establishes the path of beginnings; beginnings of dreams to travel, to gain wisdom and insights about the world  and in my case, to photograph. If held close, then I think we will live a life far greater than we could have ever imagined.