The Photographer of India

I am presently in the process of creating a new web site focusing only on the stories and photographs I have taken during my travels. As I was going through tape after tape of footage, I just wanted to share a simple and special story. While in India, I was so fortunate enough to walk beside Amit Chadha who opened amazing doors of adventure for me. One day, he told me he had something planned that he thought I would love and sure enough, he was right! He took me to meet Mr. Chand who was taking black and white portraits of people using the same camera and process his grandfather used. Generation after generation passed down this love and talent, passed down this wooden camera weighing 50 pounds and dating back 150 years. While I was walking/rushing around carrying an assortment of cameras and lenses, here was Mr. Chand with such a peaceful presence… focus, put care and attention into each step and let it all emerge in its own time. He recreated for me that magic that drew me in years ago when I first started with a darkroom in my basement. Photography has come such a long way but for one moment of time, I was privileged to slow down, remember and honor all that came before.

The Photographer of Jaipur, India from Frances Schwabenland on Vimeo.

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