The Magic Garden

A t 1022 South Street, Isaiah Zagar began “what could be called a life’s work, making the city of Philadelphia into a labyrinthine mosaic museum that incorporates my varied knowledge and skills.”  When I recently walked through this “garden space”, I was surrounded by an explosion of color and ideas which drew from Isaiah’s time in South America with the Peace Corps and it was truly magical!  I spent hours exploring every ceiling, wall, floor and tucked away corners…no space went untouched by Isaiah’s vision!  Dennis Harvey of the San Francisco Bay Guardian stated, “Because Isaiah’s epic mosaics of tile, paint and embedded detritus are so remarkable, you’ll want to book the next flight to Philly to see them.”  I highly agree!  His son, Jeremiah, created a documentary on his father’s work entitled, “In A Dream” which is now playing throughout the US.

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