Mother’s Day

On this very special day devoted to honoring our Mothers, I would like to take the time to do just that.  My Mother was truly my best friend…she was the woman I was named after (which is a lot of pressure but what a gift!)…she was the woman who watched me when I first saw the photography from a “real” camera and worked very hard so that I would have one as a Christmas present…and she was such great fun to be with!  My Mother was a gatherer.  She loved adventures and the more people who could be a part, the better.  She showed me by her example how to embrace it all, appreciating the good times and facing the most difficult challenges with true courage.

Tonight, the History Channel will be showing a film, “Angels and Demons Decoded”…Tom Hanks’ character is based on a true genus of creativity here in Philadelphia, John Langdon.  I had the opportunity to spend time and photograph him at work.  My images will be in the feature tonight.  Since my Mother was the first one to place a camera in my hand, I hope on this day, I and my work will continue to honor her!

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