Philadelphia: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Drive Into The City

Philadelphia City Hall

Philadelphia Graffiti

Philadelphia Graffiti

Philadelphia Graffiti

Philadelphia Graffiti


Baltimore has the Inner Harbor. New York has the High Line. Providence has Water Fire. On a recent drive down to the Philadelphia waterfront, the conversation centered on all of these other areas. There was a yearning, a longing from us all for so much more in our hood. The above mentioned cities all exhibit a cohesive, clear vision in city planning that Philadelphia is definitely lacking. First off, I95 runs right next to the waterfront, cutting it off from the city proper. There are parcels of land which are walkable and lovely. There are sections where restaurants have set up shop to buttress a few hotels, a casino and a skating rink but next to these wellsprings of life, lies abandoned factories and this decaying open air building that we stumbled upon which is surrounded by the water on three sides. The local graffiti artists have obviously found their canvas for expressive color and creativity but our city planners have yet to bring their creative talents to this prime waterfront property. We cannot be complacent with abandoned crumblings which speak of demise when we don’t have to look very far to find excellent models of vibrancy.

On a positive note, Philadelphia beat out NYC for America’s best coffee shop! US Today declared the Ultimo Coffee Shop as number one in the United States. After photographing the graffiti mecca, it was the perfect spot to bring the day to a close.

According to the news article, “We scoured for the best independent coffee shops and chains that have changed the way we drink coffee. Our criteria? The best quality in coffee and food, atmosphere, customer service, and the “unique” factor. (Case in point: a DeLorean car in the back of one shop. You just can’t top that.) We then asked our coffee experts — coffee bloggers, roasters, shop owners, baristas, and educators — to nominate the shops they loved. Our panel then voted on a list of nearly 150 coffee shops from coast to coast. In the end, we narrowed down our list to the most highly ranked (and most talked about) 33 shops and chains that are riding into the fourth wave of coffee and beyond.”

Maybe the city planners could meet here for some coffee before their next meeting to get into the energy of being number one.

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