Inspirational Photographers: Conrad Louis-Charles

I am so very happy that I have bragging rights…bragging that I am able to call Conrad Louis-Charles my friend. Several years ago, after seeing a very compelling image of an Indian man I just had to write to the photographer to tell him how striking I thought his work was. The planets were aligned…or as luck would have it, Conrad lives 7 minutes from me (we actually timed it due to a deadline!). He is so very gifted.. a master of capturing such intimate moments enhanced by exquisite lighting. On Saturday, the New York Times recognized his talent and gave him a coveted spot for a portfolio review. Only 160 photographers were chosen from over 2700. He has covered the devastating effects of the recent earthquake in Haiti, walked with religious pilgrims in Brazil and his photographs draw the viewer right into the moment and mood. His website is a work of art not to be missed. Congratulations my friend! Such a deserved honor!

One thought on “Inspirational Photographers: Conrad Louis-Charles”

  1. Francie!

    Thank you dearly for your heartfelt words. I really appreciate it! It’s been so special to have you as a dear friend. The planets aligned for us to meet 🙂 Wishing you all the best with your passion for photography, video, and storytelling. You are so spirit and passion shows in your work! Look forward to many many years of your friendship! Thank you for the congratulations!!!! 🙂


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