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About two months ago, I was going to have a business consult regarding the efficacy of my website. I was all set ready to go, excited about this opportunity when the man I was working with said, “What exactly do you do again?”(couldn’t be good!) I told him I was a photographer and he then said in all sincerity, “Well, don’t you think you should have some pics on the site?” Long story short, either an update did not work or I was hacked again….so after hours and hours pouring through photographs, a new website exists (thank you Dan Creighton) and hopefully, this one will have a long life! With this new format, I decided to feature very interesting travel gear as well as other sites which inspire, educate and entertain.
I will be heading out to Honduras to photograph an NGO. At the NYTimes travel show, I was intrigued by the LOOXCIE. One could wear it unobtrusively behind the ear, capture and stream video through a smart phone. I thought this would be perfect to use while away and the many contributors could see first hand all that is going on at the orphanage. I will write a review when I return, but until then, here are several sites providing information and my mind is now racing with all the ways I can incorporate this…check it out, it may intrigue you also.

Here is the official site:

Here is a review from Chris Burns on

and if you are interested, of course will make your life very easy!

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