Fuji X-Pro 1

I admit it, after traveling with cameras, flashes, tripods etc. hanging from my waist and neck, I was so anxious to get this new small wonder into my hands. Would the images live up to all the hype? Would this be my new travel everywhere camera? Would this be blessedly lightweight but dependable? I am so glad to say that the answer to all of the above questions so far has been yes! I have been taking it with me and putting it to the test in a variety of situations. The first was an event being held on the top floor of a high rise in Philadelphia. I was thrilled with the clarity of all the buildings below. The statues in the fountains could even be made out. Then onto a night out at an Irish pub and an experiment with depth of field in low light. I was with a great friend who is a photographer too and we spent the night passing it back and forth, trying different shots and settings. My kind of learning! Onto Ellis Island with a dust covered piano and a statue in the hospital ward…both with little contrast and it performed well focusing on the entire scene and picking up the subtle differences in hue. This past weekend, I attended a wedding and a First Holy Communion. I have to say that the only time I was disappointed was at the wedding reception with low lighting. I wasn’t able to get any clear shots during the father/daughter dance no matter how I changed the settings. Lastly, I was very happy with the photographs of the sweetest little one on her very special day.

All the shots were taken with the 35mm f/1.4 lens which was not at all intrusive, making it perfect for street photography. It was not my intent to repeat the technical advances this camera encompasses, that is all over the web. I just wanted to share some of the photographs I was able to take over the past two weeks and my excitement with being able to stand up straight! Now to save up for the 18mm lens!

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