Amish Mud Sales

Since the 1960’s, the last Saturday in February marks the beginning of the Amish Mud Sales. This past Saturday, the local community in Strasburg, Pa auctioned off beautiful quilts, farm equipment, buggies and antiques. Homemade chicken corn soup and whoopie pies sell very quickly. The food connoisseur and bargain hunter alike will love this sale. They will continue throughout the spring (hence the name “Mud Sale”) and proceeds support the local fire companies. For Further information and dates, click on the following link: Amish Mud Sales.

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The Amish are devoted to God, family and land. They do not permit the use of electricity, telephones and radios in their homes; nor do they drive cars holding to the belief that they can be closer to God by not being caught up with the things of the world. The Amish are usually very private but in order to support their community, their devotion is evident by the numbers who prticipate in this very public forum.

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