This past weekend in NYC, my friends and I walked into a restaurant located at 505 Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side. This Greek restaurant with walls of white, dishes of blue and mosaics of waves in motion transported us to not only a place but also a spirit.  “Kefi” was the name chosen by the owners, Michael Psilakis and Donatella Arpaia, in order to capture “the bliss that accompanies bacchanalia”.  They succeeded…the food was delicious ! White zinfandel sangria, grilled octopus and the best tsoutsoukakia were only a few of the offerings.  I also became  caught up by the spirit of KEFI.  states that this means one’s joy, passion, exuberance for life, one’s own style.  Can you picture Zorba dancing on the beach?!  So the rest of the weekend, with camera in hand, my focus became finding moments of kefi!  I hope you find yours today!

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