Canon 5D/Lensbaby at Longwood Gardens

After shoveling for hours on end, I decided I needed a change of thought from the cold winds of winter to processing images I had taken during the week of lush gardens. Longwood Gardens is hosting an orchid extravaganza through February and March and I experimented for the first time with the video capabilities of the Canon 5D Mark II combined with the lensbaby composer in an attempt to create an entirely different mood/feel.

Since this was my virgin experience of dealing with the video capabilities of the 5D, the learning curve was great. IPhoto accepted both photos and video seamlessly. However, working in Final Cut Pro, I had to convert the video footage using Compressor before it could be processed. So being house bound was not a bad thing, giving me the time I needed for this. Practice makes perfect, so the next experiment combining camera and lens will be the sights and sounds of underground Philadelphia in the subway system for an entirely different experience. See what develops!

Longwood Gardens – Engagement Photographs

It was such a pleasure to do the engagement photographs for Julia and Jason. Both love the outdoors and Longwood Gardens was the perfect spot. Photographing in the Conservatory was as good as having a huge soft box.
They were great fun to be around and just radiated happiness. In fact, while we were photographing, a gentleman watching the interactions, couldn’t resist commenting about how much we were enjoying ourselves. He was so right!
Best wishes Julia and Jason!