Engagement Shoot, Phillies Style!

I love to do engagement photo shoots because I always have such fun being with the couple and the focus is just to have fun. My goal is to capture those special looks, the shared laughter, the touches and embraces that have become second nature to the couple. Tiffany and Vinny were so easy going and flexible, getting up for an early morning shoot without even having a cup of coffee! We did several looks at several
spots but couldn’t get to that breakfast until the Phillies shirts came out and this moment in time was immortalized with their love! Thanks so very much for a great time!

Longwood Gardens – Engagement Photographs

It was such a pleasure to do the engagement photographs for Julia and Jason. Both love the outdoors and Longwood Gardens was the perfect spot. Photographing in the Conservatory was as good as having a huge soft box.
They were great fun to be around and just radiated happiness. In fact, while we were photographing, a gentleman watching the interactions, couldn’t resist commenting about how much we were enjoying ourselves. He was so right!
Best wishes Julia and Jason!