Lenape Indians, Churchville Nature Center

After exploring Independence Hall on the 4th, I wanted to go back even further in history and show respect for the Lenape Indians who originally inhabited Pennsylvania. The Churchville Nature Center has recreated an entire Lenape village for people to experience the ways of this great tribe. When I first arrived, I met Maryanne who was carefully tending to the garden she created. She was putting down two shells and filling one with water and one with cornmeal for the spirits who are tending her garden. As a sign of thanks, she ends by saying, “Wanishi”.

I then met Marge, tour guide extraordinaire! 40 years ago, to help her son with a school project, she researched the customs of the Lenape Indians and then continued learning their ways with her other sons. Marge now shares her years of knowledge with others, guiding tours and leading craft demonstrations. I only included a few of her fascinating facts. There is so much more!