Egypt: Photographic Reflections

Over the past few weeks, images of a dynamic revolution were flashed across the screens of phones, computers and televisions. In just 18 days, a 30 year oppressive regime was toppled. An historical moment witnessed by millions. We saw flashes of anger, determination, courage and technology focused on liberation.

I then went back over some of the images I have from my time in Egypt. I saw such wisdom etched in the faces of the elders, happiness and pleading in the eyes of the children, ancient structures of power and magnificence next to homes pieced together from scraps;unemployment rampant but people trying to make a living in the marketplace and farmlands. The next 6 months are so critical, may the elders join with the youth. May Muslims, Jews and Christians realize that we all share in the sacred tenet to honor life. May the movement forward also bring movement upward for the spirits of a great people.

Egypt:Photographic Reflections from Frances Schwabenland on Vimeo.