Moment of Zen

Even though I live in the city, I attempted to transform my small backyard  into a space filled with plants and a pond…it’s my moment of zen! (believe me, after doing all the digging for the pond, I needed that moment!).  I went out today with a camera and book.  The first photo would be called, “Imitation”  (I think Buddha has the right idea while the robin is still a bit too uptight) and the second would be “Merging” where flow and reflection create that gentle mood.

I also just bought David duChemin’s newest book entitled, “Within The Frame:  The Journey of Photographic Vision.”  I was mesmerized by his photography in capturing the vibrancy, texture and character of many cultures.  As Joe McNally states in the Foreword, “it is like a great photograph, once you view it and let it filter into your eyes, your head and your heart, you will never be the same.”