Bryn Athyn Cathedral

This weekend was so beautiful and even though things are really busy right now (which is all a good thing!) I decided to go out and shoot for a bit.  In the mail, I received a flyer on Bryn Athyn Cathedral Sacred Arts – “Painting with Light”- creating medieval stained glass art as well as “The Emerging Vessel” – handbuilding and throwing pottery.  So I thought this would be the perfect new spot to explore.  Upon entering the grounds, I felt like I was back in England with the majestic cathedral spires and the absolutely beautiful, pristine gardens.  It is truly a place of peace and tranquility with the unspoken invitation to people to just come, relax and be a part of this serenity for a time.  The website provides very informative and interesting information on the history and symbolism, architecture (“there are no right angles or straight lines in the cathedral”), museum and the many programs offered integrating art and spirituality…a fascinating and beautiful spot right outside of Philadelphia.