Such Tender Moments that Make Us All Smile!

I am always touched when a couple invites me in to accompany them and in some way capture on film their endearing qualities and tenderness towards each other…to document the vitality and vibrancy of their love. Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being with Brittany and Anthony on a beautiful fall day. Each saw in the other a heart which embraced and nurtured children and while they were on vacation in California this past summer, Anthony went out on the balcony of their hotel with a beautiful view of the ocean behind him and he proposed to Brittany. She said, “YES!” Their happiness in each other’s company is so obvious to everyone around them. They appreciate the simple moments of spending time, laughing, sharing and just being still with each other. The date has been set for the wedding (see if you can figure it out in the video!) and I am so grateful and honored to be sharing in such joy!

A Love Letter to My Niece

Hey baby girl!!!

Where does the time go? A little over 20 years ago, I can remember very clearly sitting on a rocking chair beside your crib holding you in my arms. I was so taken with you and I have no idea how long I just sat watching you. (I even tried singing knowing that you would not hold it against me!)

Fast forward to this past week, and here I am watching you again…totally taken with what a beautiful and talented woman you have grown into. I am so very proud to be your Aunt! Taking your engagement photographs, I just loved watching you and John interact and seeing how happy he makes you! (Welcome to the family, John!) May the respect, playfulness and deep love you both share just continue to grow and carry you through the amazing adventures of life! Hold close to each other as we hold you both close in love.

Congratulations and Best Wishes on this new journey!
Much love,
Aunt Francie

Bethany and John from Frances Schwabenland on Vimeo.