Shaping and Capturing the Light

Several weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be in the presence of greatness.  I spent the day with David Tejada in one of Philadelphia’s “must see” sites – The Eastern State Penitentiary.  David is truly a master of lighting and he developed a workshop entitled, “Small Strobes, Big Results”.  Exploring spaces of muted peeling paint, texture and historical character in each cell with vaulted sky lit ceilings, David shared his expertise in controlling, modifying and shaping the light using only small strobes.  Along with the faint voices of the prisoners past, one could hear the collective sigh of relief that amazing results could be achieved without having to carry huge lighting equipment!  Three to four small strobes attached to a hot shoe with a pocket wizard coordinating the firing served to create the big results David promised.  The goal of every photographer is to continually become more attuned to the light and at the end of this day, our goal had been achieved.

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Belito Garcia was the model in the photo above.  His entire presence was one of strength, character and intensity…what a pleasure to work with him!