The South of France found in Bucks County, PA

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Bucks County, Pa

Historic Water Wheel, Bucks County, PA

Historic Farm, Bucks County, PA

Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields

I just checked on the cheapest flight leaving from Philadelphia and landing in Marseille, France…the cost is $1,795 (including tax and fees of course!). Right at the moment, the savings are earmarked for a few other things but to feed my wanderlust for those expansive fields of endless shades of indigo and green, I just had to travel 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia. In the midst of llama farms, 17th century farmhouses and homes which mirror English country homes, lies
Carousel Farm located in historic Bucks County, Pa which is just outside of New Hope, Pa and 90 minutes from NYC. Niko is part owner and an excellent photographer with a vision and magical touch bringing forth beauty. As he explains, “The inspiration for Carousel Farm Lavender came when we were traveling through the beautiful Provence countryside, where the rolling hills are graced with old grape vines and lavender fields, against a stunning backdrop of centuries-old fieldstone barns and farmhouses. Our farm, with its fieldstone farmhouse, 18th century stone barn and rolling fields broken only by fieldstone walls, seemed the perfect place to replicate the South of France.” Walking through these vibrant rows, breathing in the fresh scent of lavender will quickly remove the word “stress’ from one’s lexicon, body and spirit! Can I have an aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Don’t Miss the Magic Right in Front of You!

A good friend, Dan Creighton, is an excellent photojournalist and wedding photographer. Dan consistently encourages many not to miss all the opportunities to photograph what lies right in front of us. So often we become desensitized to our surroundings and loose that artistic vision which drew us to photography in the first place.

During the past week, I had to have hand surgery and have been house bound. I have wanted to go out and photograph on these beautiful days but I was able to take Dan’s advice and spent some time photographing,with the help of a tripod, the flower arrangements right in front of me. There are always opportunities!!!

Philadelphia Flower Show

With 9 inches of snow here in Philadelphia, I could not pass up the opportunity to visit the Philadelphia Flower Show and be transported to Italy. ¬†Flourishing gardens, villas, free flowing fountains and wine tasting…these sensual delights enabled me to experience the fullness of spring and know that the true fruiting of that promising time was not that long off. ¬†Ciao!