Photojournalist Vest/Technology enabled clothing

It has been written up in CNN Travel, Fortune, Time, Newsweek and Mac World. USA Today has called the Scotievest, “One of the season’s top tech gifts.”…and I just want to add my vote to the masses.

I booked a trip to India and was informed that I was only allowed one suitcase that had to weigh under 41 lbs. and one very small carry-on. My photo equipment weighs 33lbs.!!!! So I am thrilled because I just found the perfect photo vest and have nothing but sheer praise for the Scotievest! I am recommending it to everyone who travels.

This vest has 22 hidden pockets, wire management for all the electronic devices and is perfect for travel!! This doubles as another carry on bag! The vest has been engineered for weight management, nothing is able to fall out and no one could ever guess all that this amazing vest carries. They are visionaries…they even have a spot for the new “IPad”!!!

I have also been told that they are now working on adding an entire line of travel clothes for women – due out in the fall! Just click below to find out more!