Masonic Temple, Philadelphia

I am presently working on a video focusing on the Masonic Temple located at One North Broad Street. Philadelphia is known as the mother city of Freemasonry in America and this architectural marvel is “unlike anything else in the nation or the world, according to architects and artists.” The entire temple is a tribute to the Master Builders yet each only provided one mark of identification – a thumb print which when combined add to the entire aesthetic vision. The unique designs of the lodge rooms speak in the language of architecture from Egypt, Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Scotland and England. The library and museum have one of the finest collections of Masonic treasures and artifacts in the world. One can see the Masonic Sash worn by Benjamin Franklin when he was the Worshipful Master and the Masonic Apron
of George Washington. A visitor cannot help but be so struck by the beauty, intricate details, rich historical information and the commitment of this brotherhood to the four cardinal virtues- temperance, fortitude, prudence and justice.