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Living in Philadelphia, I am just two hours (on a good day!) away from a city that truly “doesn’t sleep”!  Yesterday was a day with great friends.  Where else could we walk into a fashion store and be greeted with champagne and popcorn, walk down a street and have massive bubbles flying into our faces and see a man in his underwear strumming a guitar?  Going to NYC for a day can never disappoint.  Our first stop was an off Broadway show entitled, “How 2 B A New Yorker” .  A very funny play that in one hour will give the ENTIRE 🙂 history of NY along with  a play book for developing those instincts honed to street smarts,  a “love/hate relationship” according to the actors.  Then just walking those streets provides entertainment all on its own and for a photographer, I am in heaven!  After the meandering, we ended up at Fig $ Olive restaurant, (highly recommend and highly recommended!).  On each table were olive oils from around the world beginning a unique dining experience. We decided to go with their three course fixed menu: The  truffle mushroom croquette, pumpkin ravioli and the chocolate pot de creme won high praises from us all (cost $45.)

Thank you NYC for a day to remember with great friends!