Madison Can Swim!

Madison Can Swim!





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One night, a call came in  from a great friend, Carolyn Hannan Bell who was very excited to tell me about a place she had just been to and thought the story definitely needed to be told.  After having made several visits, I was in total agreement and would like to now share this.

In a small strip mall located at 1900 Greentree Rd., Cherry Hill, NJ, Dr. Russell Howe-Smith has created a healing haven…a very special place filled with incredible care and compassion for animals suffering from previous abuse, injuries, arthritis and spinal issues. During the time I was there, I met Reisling who had been chained and had his ears cut off, Bubba an abused pit bull, Peanut a minute spit fire, Axle with only three legs and Madison who was blind and could no longer walk.  When Russ gently placed Madison in the pool and guided the movement of her legs, this dog came alive!  Carolyn’s sister Jacqui Canter,  after receiving a recommendation from her vet, brings her dog Annie here each week. Out of the blue, Annie had a neurological event and now can no longer walk. Jacqui comes here to provide Annie with the necessary treatment and the chance to experience movement again. The dedication I witnessed from Dr. Russell Howe-Smith and his staff as well as all of the owners was an incredible connection of love and compassion. PetPT’s mission statement is the following:

“Our goal is to provide our patients with the best possible quality of life.  We work to maximize the physical and emotional condition of our patients and to provide a comfortable caring community for our clients.  We believe that the relationship between pet and owner is, at its best, a source of infinite joy and pleasure. It can, however, be damaged by the extremes of chronic pain and disease.  Our practice exists to protect and nurture that bond by providing the best possible care for our patients and the most compassionate support for their families.”

Trust me when I say that everyone at PetPT truly embodies this goal. Those who are unable to tell us where it hurts or were helpless victims  are held with hearts full of love and strong enfolding arms.  All the owners expressed how much their pets had given to them so this was one way to now give back. “Compassion truly is their passion.”

For more information:  PetPT

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  1. Thank you for sharing this website/blog with me. I am so happy to know that there are people who help very sick animals.

  2. We will forever be grateful to the team at PetPT. Our then 6 year old mini doxie, Minnie, suffered a herniated disc that caused nerve damage & resulted in paralysis from her mid-section down. Thanks to Dr. Howe-Smith and the rest of the PetPT team Minnie is back to chasing the squirrels with her sister. They are truly an amazing group.

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