Burano, Italy

Burano is a small island located in the Northern Venetian Lagoon. Its fame is steeped in legends which add to the charm of this island. The vibrant colors of the homes are beautifully reflected in the channels. Doorways are covered with equally colorful sheets swaying with the breeze and windowboxes are host to a variety of flowers…quaint, charming and visitors wish they could change their status to resident. It is said that fishermen painted their homes with bright colors so they could easily spot them while out for the daily catch. Square is the typical shape for the homes with two to three floors. It is common for the kitchen, eating area and “water closet” (toilet) to be on the ground floor with the bedrooms on the upper floors.

Burano is also famous for its lace. As the legend goes, A young Venetian seafarer brought his love seaweed from one of his journeys. The woman thought the design to be beautiful and using a needle and thread, worked very hard to preserve the intricate patterns and details. “Punto in aria” is the typical Burano needle lace rather than the bobbin lace of Brugge, Belgium. It dates back to the 14th century. Louis XIV and Catherine de Medici were just two who sought this elaborate lace. Unfortunately today there are very few experts left to carry this on. These remaining gifted women prefer to carry on this tradition from their home, usually sitting outside and socializing with those fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time! The beautiful handcrafted creations can be found in both stores and the Burano Lace Making Museum.

Every trip I have taken to Italy has always included Burano. I am so taken with the colors, food, traditions and hospitality of the people. This is why I travel!

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  1. I remember how beautiful and colorful Murano was. You did an excellent job capturing the beauty, the intricate handiwork and the peaceful spirit of the island.

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