• Namaste


  • 100 Year Old Buddhist Monk, Cambodia

    100 + Buddhist Monk

  • Egyptian Man and His Camel

    In The Site of the Pyramids

  • Bread for Sale, Cairo

    Turkish Bread Runner

  • Prayers in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

    Cambodian Prayer

  • Street Offerings, Jaipur

    Indian Street Scene

  • Indian Woman Carrying Cow Dung

    Indian Woman Using Dung for Medicine

  • Indian Woman

    Hint of A Smile in Jaipur

  • Snake Charmer, India

    Indian Mystic and Magic

  • Afternoon Tea, India

    Gathering of Women Taj Mahal

  • Angkor Wat Artist

    Cambodian Artist

  • Brotherly Love, Cambodia

    The Happiness Factor

  • Cambodian Puppetry

    Cambodian Puppet Maker

  • Beautiful Apsara, Cambodia

    Cambodian Temple Dancer

  • Reclining Buddha


  • Cambodia Temple

    Temples of Cambodia

  • Amish Farmer

    Amish Farmer

  • Child of Honduras

    Honduran Teen Home on the Trash Dump

  • Taj Mahal

    Faces of India

  • Twin Oaks Commune

    Commune Living

  • _MG_3096

    Compassion Mandala

  • _MG_5404

    Sailing Through Venice

  • _MG_0196

    Street Food Cambodia

  • _MG_4559

    School Girls, Cambodia

  • _MG_9650

    The Art of Being A Monk

  • _DSF0991

    Greek Guards

  • _MG_6111 2

    Italian Guards

  • _MG_3244

    Waters of Capri

  • _DSF1053

    Athens, Greece

  • _MG_2852

    Iceland in Winter

  • _DSF4909

    Glacier Lake at Sunset

  • _DSF4816

    Lava Beach, Iceland

  • Egyptian Camel Auction

    Egyptian Elder, Camel Market

  • Hare Krishna Follower

    Hare Krishna Devotee, India

  • Indian Woman of Beauty

    Indian Woman of Beauty

  • Peruvian Woman

    Peruvian Elder

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